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10 businesses worth investing in 2021 after the coronavirus crisis

1. Franchise business

with limitations in terms of cost, time and experience Franchising business is another interesting business trend for beginners. Especially during COVID-19 that many people want to reduce their investment risks Don’t waste time on trial and error by yourself. Should choose a franchise that is reliable. quality products match the market demand

can be sold at any time and is popular with consumers for the opportunity to sell easily As a result, the business was very successful as well.

2. Health-related business

from the situation of the corona virus epidemic make people worry about their health Many people turn to take care of themselves more. especially those who are at risk of getting sick easily Because it is easier to protect yourself from illnesses than to cure. As a result, products that help strengthen immunity are more in demand, such as

vitamins, vitamin drinks. various dietary supplements including products that help restore the body

3. Food and delivery business

During shopping malls, shops must be temporarily closed. Restaurant operators have to adapt to offer take-out only. As a result, the food delivery service business has grown exponentially. In addition to the convenience that consumers have received. Food

business with delivery service can reach more customers And it’s another way to make money as well.

4. Processed food business, dry food

Working from home during the period of time to stop at home due to the Covid-19 situation. Many people have enough time to find activities to do. getting into the kitchen cooking We have had the opportunity to see many people posting food photos on social media. which processed food is another raw material that is commonly used

because it is easy to buy and easy to prepare They range from raw materials made from vegetables and fruits to meat. Dry snacks are also popular. For those interested in this type of business If it comes in the right direction, it can be extended to the industrial level.


5. Online selling business

due to covid-19 crisis causing more people to buy products through online channels The continuous growth of the online market in the past This reinforces the operators to see the importance of this channel more. selling various products Must add online sales service coupled with storefront sales Or some businesses choose not to have a

storefront, besides the “products” that are considered the heart of sales. We have to see which channels we can sell. And should study the marketing of each channel as well.

6. Dropship online sales business

For those who are interested in investing in a business selling products online (E-Commerce), but the starting cost is not much. Dropship business is another interesting option. Answer the questions of beginners It is responsible for being an intermediary to

sell products to customers. without the need to stock products Can choose to sell many products, one person can do it. and do not have to ship by yourself

7. Business of disinfecting products various cleaning

The COVID situation has caused quite a few concerns for most people. And it seems to be with us for a long time, hygiene and cleanliness are very important. So we have seen disinfecting products. And cleaning is available for sale not less. There are both

personal cleaning products. to reduce the risk of infection into the body Household disinfectants For good health of residents

8. E-Learning business

When learning is no longer limited to the classroom no matter where we are Distance is not an obstacle in acquiring knowledge. add skills to yourself So we see many online courses happening. Who has specialized knowledge Then turn to create an online

course easily. without high investment via social media and can be sold on various platforms has another channel as well

9. Logo design business and food packaging

Many people turned their attention to running their own business more. For example, during the quarantine period, merchants are increasingly turning to sell their products online. Packaging design has become an integral part of branding. to create a unique identity that is easily recognizable Some brands consider environmental sustainability.

Therefore, the packaging is designed to save the world. Using biodegradable materials, such as scallop plates, banana leaf plates, are used to bring natural materials to create innovations that fit the era. Create value for the product, not quite at all.

10. Organic products business

It is another business that will be interesting in the future. The health-loving trend continues to grow. Many people have turned to invest more in health. Organic products that are safe and non-toxic. In addition to being good for the body It is also environmentally friendly. Organic products such as organic fruits and vegetables,

cosmetics, skin care products Body cleaning products, processed foods, dietary supplements and vitamins, etc.