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How to sell stuff online

Becoming an Online Merchant It is a career that is not difficult to start. can become a supplementary occupation Earn extra income But to make a big bang is not easy. Therefore, new online merchants Therefore, we should try to find more techniques continuously. and follow the trend of the products that are regularly sold By starting to

sell products online to be beautiful. At least there should be a plan. And prepare the steps, including:

1. Prepare your mind, prepare your time, change your mindset to get rich quickly. A little tired.

2. Set an investment budget of 3,000 – 10,000 baht, which is the minimum budget that should be available for selling products online. And should not be mixed with daily expenses.

3. Choose the type of product to sell. choose according to aptitude Or according to the consideration that it will sell well in the future

4. When the product has been selected. find a wholesale source or at a cheap price Factory that sells this product

5. Purchase products according to the investment budget. By making an allowance for the box, shipping, post office, including marketing costs, about 40%

6. Take beautiful product photos. Or study more product photography

7. Set up a shop page by trying to start all channels, FB IG TWITTER, including opening a website with an agent that allows you to open it for free, such as selling products to various announcement websites.

8. Invite many friends. Like, exchange, like, update news regularly.

9. If you start earning more. Take part in experimenting with Facebook ads by studying how to get as much as you can first.

10. When selling more, Try to keep the price or reduce the price to increase the number of customers.

Did you get the products from the factory to sell well?

Buying products directly from the manufacturer usually get the cheapest price So if you know the product you want to sell. Which factory produces it? And you can easily buy products for sale. Many people may wonder if we can buy products at wholesale prices. directly from the company? It must be said that each company There are different sales

policies. Some companies may not sell to the general public, some companies may sell through agents. Therefore, it is best to contact that company directly.

However, there is a slight caution that Most factories tend to sell in bulk, so if you’re just starting to sell online. Never sold that product before. You may need to do your homework to see if you can buy a lot of products that sell well. Including having to look

at your customer base consists of whether to sell out Because if you can’t sell all of them, it may cause the capital to sink with the product.