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How to start an online business?

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in starting an online business or selling online. Because it looks like something that can be done easily. Plus, you don’t have to invest much, but actually opening an online store or doing an online business to

be successful is. Good preparation is necessary. Today, we have 9 things that you should have before doing an online business for you.

Shop name Online stores The name of the shop must be easy to read, easy to remember, familiar to you, and easy to find. Many people think that naming a store. own online You can name the store whatever you like. The more strange and unique the better. but did you know that Naming a store requires a technique that is easy to

read, easy to remember, familiar and easy to find, easy to read, difficult to pronounce names. not familiar to Thai people As a result, customers do not remember the store. Name your store in relation to the products you sell. For example, if you sell bags, it

should include the word Bag, so customers will be able to remember and find your store more easily.

Products Choose from what you like. Choose from what is right because when you sell, you will be able to clearly inform your customers. This is not counting the happiness that you get to do what you love, what you love, until you feel happy until you’re not working at all. But if you don’t like anything in particular I just want to have my own

shop Maybe start by exploring the market to see what products are in demand and that are likely to be profitable.

Capital, cost of selling online. It’s not just the cost of the product alone. The money you’ll invest in starting an online store shouldn’t just cover the cost of the products you’ll be selling. but should include other expenses You may incur shipping costs, as its exclusive advertising costs, etc.

made of. Plan your store clearly. when the product is available It’s time to think about whether your product is more suitable for wholesale or retail. Sometimes, choosing to sell wholesale products at a cheap price for a small profit can make you rich without realizing it.

sales channel Where is it sold? FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or [email protected] sales channels that we will open an online store and sell our products on It is another factor that affects the success of the store. Because each channel can reach a different target audience,

selling on a Facebook page is the easiest way. most popular seller And it can reach our customers as well. Because nowadays everyone is using Facebook, making our products very easy to reach customers.

Selling on Instagram is another channel that is starting to become popular next. It will focus on selling through pictures. Can’t enter details as much as Facebook, so if you want to sell through this channel You have to have a certain level of proficiency in product photography to be great.

Selling via LINE and [email protected] This channel is another interesting channel and should have. But that must be after you have a Facebook page or a shop on Instagram because this channel is a channel where the shop can chat directly with customers. Customers will feel more like talking to a live person.

Marketing Plan, Selling Points, Directing to the Target Audience Marketing Plan It is important to determine the destiny of your store. Because even if you have good quality products with cheap prices But if no one knows your store, it’s useless. You should therefore plan carefully on how you will promote your store or product. How to

attract customers And how will you make your newly opened store outperform others? that opened before you

payment method the more the better If selling expensive items, accepting credit cards is even better. Payment should be easy for customers. You should open an account for your store with a bank that most people use. You should have an account that supports

international money transfers. A Paypal account is a great alternative and is easy to sign up for.

patience and determination think we can do it Many people start their business with the desire to get rich quick. We hope our investments will turn out to be profitable from the moment we start our store. But that can hardly be called a dream. because when you start to open the shop It’s likely that you won’t have any customers for the first few

weeks. You need to be confident and check that your marketing plan is working as expected or not. And learn to adjust and do something new to attract customers and don’t be discouraged.

The faster the time, the more the advantage. If you’re prepared to take on online sales as a career, then go for it. But if you are someone who still has to work full time. You should plan your time well, because sometimes customer demands are limited. The inability to interact with customers in a timely manner It could mean losing a customer.

All of these are things that people who want to be an online merchant or want to do an online business must have. In addition to Facebook or Instagram pages, online businesses also sell products through websites. However, it encouraged merchants. All new traders