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Is E-Commerce the best way to sell in the COVID-19 situation?

It is quite clear that If a life-threatening event, especially an epidemic of this nature, Consumer behavior will change to normal.

If since the Covid-19 situation began to spread, it has been almost two months since many countries around the world have to start suspending people leaving their homes and shopping malls, markets, shopping areas. has begun to suspend service, making

these 2 factors become important factors that cause consumer behavior to start to change and began to turn to more and more purchases from E-Commerce websites

Of course, with the aforementioned factors, the statistics of the use of the E-Commerce platform has grown, pushing the sales on the platform to increase by about 20%, which is a huge jump. Compared to the period when there is no Covid-19 virus situation, it

can be said that for those who are still hesitant to push their business into E-Commerce or online channels, “you can’t be slow anymore”

E-Commerce can help your business earn that income. Another advantage of doing E-Commerce that fits this situation the most is “savings” because you change the sales channel to be in online form. Previously, it was an offline sale or a storefront. Of course,

what you won’t have to pay is rent, labor costs, miscellaneous expenses (water, electricity).

You can monitor and manage your E-Commerce business through various channels. free Or even if it loses, it would be very little. compared to having a storefront Plus selling through online channels promotion or advertising It has the functions of various platforms. That always

meets your needs (such as Boost Post, shoot Ads, do Retargeting) just like this, it would be obvious that under Covid-19 or any emergency situation. Selling in the E-Commerce channel is a way to adapt to any situation. always and can make your business grow continuously without interruption